Thai <> English Dictionary for Android phones/tablets

Thai <> English Dictionary

Thai <> English Dictionary

for Android phones/tablets
for Android phones/tablets


Android phones/tablets

Space: Our app requires about 593 megabytes (593MB, or 0.593GB) of space on your device. Most of that space is used to store the almost 30 hours of high-quality Thai sound recordings.

Android App Storage Location: Our Android app has a tiny 22 megabyte (22MB, or 0.022GB) core which we recommend you keep on your device's "internal storage" to avoid a keyboard problem arising from a Google Android bug (more info). Do not move the app core to your "external storage"/"SD card."

Android Entries/Sounds Storage Location: Our Android app will download the vast majority of the app data (the 571 megabyte (571MB, or 0.571GB) entries and Thai sound recordings) to your device's "external files directory." For most devices this is a removable SD card, but some Android devices, especially recent ones, are configured to store all app "external files" in a non-removable internal storage location. We cannot control the location of the so-called "external files" directory. If you want the entries/sounds to be stored in a different place, check your Google Settings app and research your particular Android model to see if there is any way to move the "external files" directory.

Checking Space on Android: To see how much storage you have available, run Google's Settings app from your device's home screen, then choose the option containing the word "storage" (e.g. "SD card & phone storage"), then see what it says under "SD card...Available Space" or "External Storage...Available Space." This must be at 571 megabytes (571MB, or 0.571GB) to store the entries/sounds. Also see what it says under "Internal Storage." You must have 22 megabytes (22MB, or 0.022GB) available there for the tiny app core.

Device: Our app works on hundreds of varieties of Android smartphones and tablet devices that use the best-selling Android operating system from Google, available from a huge variety of device manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, LG, ViewSonic, Toshiba, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Acer, Dell, Huawei, Lenovo, Creative, and others.

Operating System: Our app requires Android Version 2.2 or higher. You can find out which Android Version your device has installed by running the Google Settings app from your device's home screen, then choosing "About" (it might also say "About Phone" or "About Tablet"), then looking under "Android Version." The dictation feature requires functionality that Google added in later Android versions (see below).

Must Have Google Play Store: Your Android device must have access to the Google Play Store, as most devices do, in order to purchase our dictionary. Google's "Play Store" app appears as a shopping bag icon in your device's Home screen.

Compatibility Notes: Here are a few compatibility notes for manufacturers who decided to depart from standard Android:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire: Unfortunately, Amazon decided to introduce crippling, non-standard limitations in the "special" version of Android that they ship with their device, and as a result, there are some limitations in our support for Kindle Fire. Please see this note for all the details.

  • Sony-Ericsson: Sony made certain non-standard modifications to Android that cause entries to shift left and right visually. We have put a workaround in place: see this note for all the details.

  • Android 3.X: There is a known Google bug in Android 3.X which causes minor display issues with our app. It appears that Google fixed the problem in Android Version 4.X. Please see this note for all the details.

  • Samsung devices with Android 2.2.1: Samsung introduced a nasty bug in their Samsung-specific Android release 2.2.1 that, in some rare cases, causes our app (and other apps) not to be able to remember its settings across reboot, and to give license failures whenever your device is off the internet. For the details and a solution, see this FAQ item.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Tablets: be aware that some extremely low-end tablets ship with a look-alike app called "Play Store" or "Market" that is not the real Google Play Store. So you will have to install the real Google Play Store on those tablets in order to purchase and load our app. Please see this note for more details.

No Internet Connection Required: You can use the app, including its high-quality sound recordings of each Thai word and phrase, without being connected to the internet or incurring any data charges. All the entries and sounds are stored right on your device. Works on a plane or on the train. Only the dictation feature requires online access (see below).

Note #1 About Internet Connection: When you run our app for the first time, it downloads all the dictionary definitions and sounds from the internet to your device so that you can access them offline. So you will need internet access for that short period and you'll probably want to be on a good connection where you can download 593 megabytes (593MB, or 0.593GB).

Note #2 About Internet Connection: Our Android app uses Google Play Licensing, which does require your device to be on the internet for a few seconds every 15+ days. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about this critical part of our app: to get the full and correct story, please read this FAQ item.

Dictation: If you would like to speak words right into your device to search the dictionary, Google requires that your device must be connected to the internet at that moment. The dictation feature is only supported on certain Android OS versions and models, so check and see if your device shows a microphone-shaped key on the keyboard when your device is online. Some versions of Android support only English dictation, and some support Thai, so again check with the specs of your particular device.

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