Custom Apps for Dictionary Authors

Mobile device with Thai–English Dictionary Do you currently publish a paper dictionary (foreign language or otherwise)? Are you developing one?

Would you like to expand your market and sales to include a software version of your dictionary?

Word in the Hand™ Inc. is looking to partner with other dictionary authors as we have done with Paiboon Publishing! You don't need to have any technical knowledge. Word in the Hand™ Inc. offers over a decade of software development expertise and real-world experience in bringing a dictionary software product to market. All you need to provide is the content (words and definitions).

Here's a few examples of what we can offer:
  • Not just end-user apps but also dictionary production systems. Word in the Hand has designed a complete multi-user, network-based dictionary production database editing, proofing, and typesetting system that Paiboon Publishing used to produce the best and largest dictionary dataset for foreigners learning Thai. We then used this system to produce a printer-ready typeset PDF file for our printed dictionary and shipping apps on four different platforms (Palm, Windows, iOS, Android). Our versatile system can be adapted to other languages, editorial systems, and target platforms/formats.

  • Many formats:

    • foreign language dictionaries (e.g. Thai–English, Chinese–English, French-English)
    • native language dictionaries (e.g. English-English, Arabic-Arabic, etc.),
    • encyclopedias / reference - with articles, illustrations and photos

  • Support for ideographic scripts and complex scripts like Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew

    • Display of correct, easy-to-read characters on devices (e.g. older mobile phones) which normally cannot display non-English characters, or even modern devices (including iOS and Android) where display of non-English characters is still often rife with bugs that the vendors are not interested in fixing.

    • Display of large characters for beginning learners and mobile users who don't want to get out their reading glasses.

    • Display of phonetic alphabets using whatever phonetic/phonemic symbols you need.

    • Search-by-Sound™: the ability to search for non-English words with an English-like phonetic alphabet. Expands your market to language learners who have not yet mastered the language's script.

  • Talking dictionaries which pronounce words in one or more languages for their user.

  • Full text search: imagine being able to find all the places a word appears anywhere in a dictionary, even as part of a definition, synonym, or antonym.

  • Dictionaries which run on handheld devices (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) or desktop/laptop devices or even wearable devices.

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