Sales Rep Wanted

Are you a responsible and effective salesperson who would like to earn significant commission selling our products directly to targeted markets?


Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand™ Incorporated have successfully been selling our Thai–English–Thai and Chinese–English–Chinese software phrasebook and dictionaries on the main app stores, and now we would like to find a salesperson who can research, locate, and sell into specific market segments for the product.

In particular, we would like to find a long-term resident of Bangkok, Beijing, or any other region which has potential to generate significant revenue who will take the product directly to venues likely to order significant quantities of the product, such as:

  • Thai/Chinese multinational corporations which hire many native-English-speaking workers,
  • large Thai/Chinese language schools, and
  • NGOs and government agencies which employ many native-English-speaking workers.
The sky's the limit, since the venues are up to your own creative talent and networking.

Why Word in the Hand?

Word in the Hand is by a long shot the first, and still the best Thai–English–Thai software phrasebook/dictionary with the Search-by-Sound™ feature, which makes it ideally suited to native English speakers who are learning the Thai language. Word in the Hand and Paiboon Publishing have also introduced Search-by-Sound™ to the Chinese market where it goes far beyond the capability of IMEs and is ideally suited to non-native students of the Chinese language.

With large, crisp fonts and everyday vocabulary from Paiboon Publishing for both Thai and Chinese, our software phrasebooks and dictionarues are ideally suited for workers and students who have recently arrived in the country.

We chose a retail price that gives you ample freedom to negotiate quantity discount arrangements with plenty of commission left over for yourself, making it an ideal line item for a successful salesperson.


Specifically, we're looking for people who wish to:
  • choose venues,
  • introduce and demonstrate the product to the venue (e.g. its HR department)
  • stock the product (as necessary: one golden master software copy may be sufficient) and maintain stock at the venues (including any software upgrades),
  • collect payment from the venues, and
  • return payment minus commission to Word in the Hand Incorporated.

You may pursue any venue except for direct sales on the web (you are of course welcome to join Apple's affilitate program if you would like to drive internet iOS sales of our product and you can get paid directly without needing to coordinate with us). Part of your job is to come up with creative venues.

Customization of the product for a given venue is possible, but your first job will be to try to sell the product as is. A venue must purchase a large quantity of the product, and possibly pay engineering fees, to justify modifications. Changes to the vocabulary (e.g. adding custom terms for a given venue) are less onerous than changes to the program itself, but in the interest of making maximum sales per time spent, we would like to avoid this if at all possible.

We will agree on a quantity discount and a commission schedule which is likely to be sliding based on total revenue. We can discuss exclusivity to territories; it depends on how many salespeople we find and how much work they commit to perform in their territories.


If you are interested, please send information about your location and previous experience to

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