The following privacy policy applies to:

This app DOES NOT collect, store, or transmit your:

  • name
  • user ID
  • email address (e.g. Apple ID or Google ID)
  • mobile telephone number
  • MAC address
  • store account info and purchase history
  • credit card or financial info
  • photos/videos
  • browser history
  • phone/text log
  • contacts
  • messages and emails
  • installed apps
  • data from non-Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand apps
  • GPS or WiFi location data
  • fingerprint reader data
  • voice authentification data
  • health data

Usage Statistics: In order to help us know which app features are popular with our users (and thus which features we should spend more development time on in the future), this app collects aggregate usage statistics, such as the average number of times per week that you go to each screen (e.g. Search, different screens under Categories, Help, or Settings), the average number of times per week that you use app features (e.g. Find Words Inside, History, External Links, slow sound playback, etc.), the app settings that you choose in the Settings screen (e.g. font size, pronunciation guide system choice, etc.), and the count of Favorites and Favorites folders you create. This app does not collect the search keywords that you enter: we only collect the average number of search keywords, the average number of letters in a search keyword, and how often you use each search mode and language, so that we can figure out what kind of searches our customers do most often. This app also does not collect the names of Favorites folders you create, the particular words/phrases you add to Favorites, or the text of custom URLs you use for the External Links feature. Since each app Category is on a different screen, the app does measure which Categories you go to most often, but again not in a way that can be tied to your personal identity. This helps us figure out which Categories are most useful to our customers as an aggregate, so our editorial staff can focus their time on expanding the popular categories. The app transmits these aggregate, non-personalized usage statistics either directly to Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand servers or indirectly to Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand through servers associated with Google Analytics, Apple iTunes Analytics, or Facebook Analytics. The non-personalized, aggregate data is stored and transmitted in encrypted form.

Licensing: Like many other paid apps, this app collects and transmits non-personal information needed to verify that you are properly licensed to use the app. Depending on your platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) and depending on your particular device, this may include your Internet Protocol ("IP") address, your device make/model, your operating system version, or a unique device identifier (UDID) that does not contain your personal information. Our app queries the licensing facilities built into your device operating system (iOS, Android, Windows) to ask "is this a licensed copy?" The operating system responds to our app with either a "yes" or "no" with no additional information. In the process of obtaining that answer, your device operating system may use or collect information about your personal identity, store account, purchase history, etc. which it does not make available to our app or to Paiboon Publishing or Word in the Hand (consult the privacy policies of those companies for more information on what information they collect for license verification).

Analytics: To help Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand better understand who our customers are and how our current customers discover our products, so that we can focus our future feature/vocab development and marketing efforts in ways that customers will find useful, we use common analytics packages such as Google Analytics, Apple iTunes Analytics, the Apple iTunes Affiliate program, and Facebook Analytics. These packages provide Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand with generalized, averaged, aggregate, non-personally-identifiable information about our customer base as a whole, such as what countries our customers are typically located in, what types of devices and which operating system software version our customers tend to have, and which of our public marketing messages (e.g. websites, Facebook posts, emails, etc.) our customers were reading when they decided to purchase the app. In order to generate these aggregate statistics, these analytics packages may collect personally identifiable information such as the the Apple, Google or Facebook account to which you are logged in on other apps on the same device, but these packages do not share that personally identifiable information with our app or with Paiboon Publishing or Word in the Hand. We only have access to anonymous data points and aggregate statistics.

Analytics Opt-Out: Some of these analytics packages offer you the ability to opt-out of certain kinds of data collection. For example, on the Android platform you can opt-out of "Google Analytics Advertising Features" by going to the "Google Settings" app (on Google-branded devices it is called just "Settings") and under "Google...Ads" opting out of "personalization." This will cause Google to withhold some of the anonymous statistics from us, such as estimated age and gender demographics. Again, even if you do not opt-out, Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand still has no access to that kind of information in a way that is tied to your personal identity—you are only opting out of giving us access to anonymous statistics about our customer base in general. On iOS, you can go to the Apple Settings app under Privacy > Advertising and enable "Limit Ad Tracking" to get a similar effect (and, like Android, no matter what setting you make here, we don't collect, store, or transmit your personally identifiable information). These opt-out settings are typically more relevant for controlling what kids of ads you see (whether the ads you see are personalized to your profile or not), but since our app does not show any ads, the controls are of limited relevance and we appreciate it if you are willing to share the additional information anonymously by keeping the controls enabled.

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