Talking Thai <> English Dictionary for Windows PCs

Talking Thai <> English Dictionary

Talking Thai <> English Dictionary

for Windows PCs
for Windows PCs


Windows PCs

Space: Our app requires about 350 megabytes (350 MB, or 0.35GB) of space on your computer. Most of that space is used to store the more than 19 hours of high-quality Thai sound recordings.

Device: Works on any desktop, laptop, or netbook computer that runs Microsoft Windows (not on mobile tablets and phones that run Windows Mobile/Windows Phone).

Operating System: Our app works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and beyond, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Go to "Start...Control Panel...System" or "Start...Settings...Control Panel...System" to find your Windows version.

No Internet Connection Required: You can use the app, including its high-quality sound recordings of each Thai word and phrase, without being connected to the internet or incurring any data charges. All the entries and sounds are stored right on your computer. Works on a plane or on the train. Even the dictation feature works offline.

One-Time Internet Activation: Right after you download, install, and run our software for the first time, our software requires one-time activation over the internet, which means the computer must be on the internet for a few seconds. After that initial activation is complete, your computer never needs to be online again in order for you to run the dictionary and access its full functionality. You would only have to activate again if:

  • you switch PCs,
  • you reinstall your operating system (for example, after a disk crash or OS upgrade), or
  • you perform a major hardware upgrade to your computer.

Dictation: Microsoft Windows supports dictation in English and the dictation feature works even when you are not connected to the internet. You can use the dictation feature to speak words right into the app to search the dictionary. Dictation is supported only on certain versions of Microsoft Windows (initial support was in Vista and the support improved with later versions); check your Windows version and your computer's "Speech Recognition" control panel to see what you have available.

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