Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook

Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook

Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook


iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Space: Our app requires about 155 megabytes (155MB, or 0.155GB) of space on your device. Most of that space is used to store the almost 5 hours of high-quality Chinese sound recordings.

Device: Works full-screen on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models.

Operating System: Our app works on Apple iOS 6 or higher, which is nearly every iOS device in the field. You can find out which iOS version your device has installed by looking in the Apple "Settings" app on your device's home screen (in Settings, look under "General...About...Version"). The dictation feature requires functionality that Apple added in later iOS versions (see below).

No Internet Connection Required: You can use the app, including its high-quality sound recordings of each Chinese word and phrase, without being connected to the internet or incurring any data charges. All the entries and sounds are stored right on your device. Works on a plane or on the train. Only the dictation feature requires online access (see below).

Dictation: If you would like to speak words right into your device to search the phrasebook, Apple requires that your device must be connected to the internet at that moment. The dictation feature requires at least an iPhone 4S, a 5th Gen iPod Touch, a 3rd Gen iPad, or any iPad Mini. You must have at least iOS 5.1.1 for English dictation, and you must have at least iOS 7.0 for Chinese dictation.

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